Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Motley, Wonderful Crew

From an amazing wife, two "hey, Dad, we haven't helped you in a long time" sons, to a high schooler in need of comunity service hours, to an intern (I have an intern?!), to a neighborhood straggler who just joined in because "it's been a long time since I've exercised," a LOT was accomplished today - thanks to this motley, wonderful crew!

Thank you, Amie, Nathan, Isaiah, Joshua, Trejin, and Sharod - you helped us out SO much.

The summer garden's swales and pathways are finally "in."

There is an art to this.

Finally, some shelving in the greenhouse.

And the beginnings of a more permanent fence in the backyard.

And the scorched wood loaded into the Suburban, ready for disposal.

And the siding on the house...we'll you can't do it all. (We did get to starter strips installed...victory!)



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