Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Phase 3: The Future Food Forest

I've been keeping you posted on the small permaculture area I designed for a wonderful senior who attended my "Create a Farm in Your Backyard" class in October. We're almost finished with the project. The only thing left to do is plant the trees and fruiting bushes when they arrive, trellis the raspberries, transplant the desired perennial vegetables, and get the annual veggie seedlings ready for a spring garden. So here are some pictures from the work I did last week. First, here's the plan as I designed it for her, and you can see it take shape in the pictures.

The latest work was on the food forest area at the top of the drawing, the place where we'll put her fruiting trees and bushes and some companion/beneficial plants alongside. Here's the "before" pic:

Here's the "in process" pic: 

And here's what it looked like upon completion:

Another angle:

And the total space:

It's going to be a highly productive area that mimics a natural ecosystem, catching water in swales, attracting beneficial insects, maintaining fertility, providing food and beauty for years and years to come.

Would you like a personalized permaculture "backyard farm" plan for your home? Imagine diverse, ecological food production instead of common, boring landscaping. You can do it! Contact me (Tim) at 919-815-6601 or click on the "Custom Backyard Farms" tab above and I'll get to work for you.


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