Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Phase 2: Through!

Want to grow a lot of food in the small space of your yard, but don't know where to start? I can help you with a custom backyard farm plan. Your yard can begin to look like this one!

In Phase 1 of my latest permaculture transformation, I installed three raised beds for a senior who's looking to garden for years to come. My next step was to dig a 2' wide x 6" deep swale using this homemade A-frame level to make sure I dig level with to the contour of the hill.
I moved the dirt to the downhill side of the property, creating a mound (a berm). The elevated area will become a perennial vegetable growing area, and the swale, when filled in with organic material like these wood chips, will catch gallons and gallons of water on the property, releasing it for the surrounding plants to use. It will also serve as a walking path.
After filling in the swale with wood chips, I covered the berm in a thick layer of newspaper (no glossy ads included) and covered it with some of our wonderful, black compost.
It looked pretty good when finished - and it's just begging to grow something!
Next, I moved two bluberry bushes from the shady front yard to the permaculture area in the backyard, and planted them with two other blueberry bushes for easy pickin'.
Then came more newspaper mulching, covering with compost, and defining walking paths with wood chips. It was a lot of work, but the finished areas are highly functional, fertile, accessible, and ready for some spring planting.
Here's the finished area so far:
The next step will be to prep the food forest area in much the same way. That work begins next week. I'll keep you informed of my progress! Need help with your backyard farm transformation? I'll be glad to help!

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