Monday, September 22, 2014

Van-Dried Tomatoes

Yesterday I enjoyed a bagel sandwich with cream cheese, lettuce, and DELICIOUS sun-dried tomatoes from our little farm.  And these tomatoes were literally a van on an 85-degree day.  No fossil fuels were used in the making of this wonderful snack (never mind the hypocrisy of using a gas-burning van to dry them! - we're not purists here, but we're doing the best we can).

See that temperature?  That's why you don't leave pets or kids in a vehicle!  That's nearly 165 degrees.  ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE - great for drying tomatoes, but you don't want your kids or pets in there (okay, end of PSA).

Here's a look a the final product.  Not very pretty, but very tasty!

Especially when left to soak in olive oil and rosemary (also from the farm) for a few days.  Next summer when the tomato harvest is coming in too fast and you can't find a way to eat them before they start to go bad, try sun-drying them in your vehicle.  It's fun and delicious, and nothing goes to waste.

Happy gardening this Autumnal Equinox!  

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