Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Pictures

Here are some pictures of the goings-on around our little 1/4 acre. Hope you enjoy!

Heirloom grapes, the original plant from my grandmother's vine in North Georgia. When Amie finishes making the jelly, I'll show you some more pictures and tell the story.

Morning Glory, indeed!

If only each of these were worth a quarter, we'd be getting rich. Our Mexican Midget tomatoes are prolific producers every year.

In preparation for some more chickens (yep, coming this week!), we moved the old nesting box into the new coop. The girls will have many more places to lay their eggs, and we hope to have many more eggs to sell!


It ain't the prettiest garden, but there's a lot of food out there!

How's your summer garden growing? Are you getting ready for your fall garden yet? I've transplanted 135 heirloom seedlings to sell in August. They're looking good so far.

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