Saturday, May 31, 2014

Where's Wando?

"Wando" heirloom peas, that is. (They're the heirloom pea variety I plant each year). I usually use them as a nitrogen-fixing cover crop, planting them in late winter and pulling them out in the spring, saving a few seeds for next year. We'll save some seeds again this year (why buy seeds every year when you can just plant your own?), but this year we're also going to enjoy actually eating some.
I don't look very happy in this picture, but I was thoroughly enjoying clear, 80-degree day here in Carolina. Just zoning out on the front porch, shelling peas. Shelling peas brings back lots of memories for me and Amie, memories of time with family, sitting on our grandparents' front porches, shelling peas, snapping beans, and shucking corn.
Here are some of the peas we saved for eatin'. We're going to roast them this year, like peanuts, since they are mostly past their sugar-sweet prime, moving into their starchy stage. We'll let you know how they taste roasted.
And here are some seeds for savin'. These wonderful Wandos will go in the ground in February or March of 2015, fixing more nitrogen, providing a cover for the soil in the cold winter, and giving us food next spring.
As such, these peas reconnect us to the soil, the seasons, and memories of family members who have died. Who knew peas could do so much?

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