Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Meal (Mostly!) From Your Own 1/4 Acre

Now wash them (at least twice) and spin them if you have a salad spinner. If not, use a paper towel or don't fool with drying them at all!
Grab a sweet potato from last year's harvest (yep, they've kept since November; sweet potatoes are amazing). In the background of this photo you can see the sweet potato slips that I'll put in the ground soon for this year's harvest. That's Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole in the window!

Now grab the eggs you got last night from the hens, grate or dice your sweet potato, chop your fresh spinach, and combine it with only ingredients that the farm hasn't provided yet this time of year: onion and garlic.

Sautee your onions and sweet potato until they are nice and golden brown...

Then add your spinach and scrambled-up eggs.

Here it is! Breakfast (mostly) from your own quarter-acre farm! Now you can put it on Facebook and brag to
your friends about how much money you saved, how delicious it is, and how self-sufficient you are! (Or just enjoy it and keep it to yourself. No need being one of "those" people who share pictures of food!) ;-)

Now...what for lunch?

Salad featuring fresh lettuce from your quarter-acre farm!

You can do this! I'd love to teach you how. Just register for the "Create a Farm in Your Backyard" class I'm teaching at Millbrook High School beginning May 28th. Click here for more info.

Thanks for checking out Reconnect Farm!

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