Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Share Your Wake Forest Garden"

This weekend we had some visitors to "Little Farm in the 'Hood," thanks to the Share Your Wake Forest Garden event.  We're so grateful to all of you who dropped by and shared your love and support.  I wanted to take this time to post the latest pictures of the garden since some of the pictures on the garden page of our blog are so dated.  So much has changed!  So here we go...

Okay, this is not the garden, but it is "Milkmouth Oreo," our sweet baby buckling.  He's looking for a home, along with his mom and his half-sister.  If you're interested in a pet, brush-clearers, or milk-producing goats, contact us or go to our Goats for Sale tab.

This is our 10-year-old son's beet bed.  We're harvesting them for breakfast tomorrow!

One of our two Yukon Gold potato patches.

One of our Rattlesnake Bean beds with Amie's "whimsical" art in the background.

 Sometimes mistaken for the "biggest beets I've ever seen!!"
--these are actually my daughter's Swiss Chard.

These aren't impressive yet, but give 'em a few weeks and...mmm, mmm!

These are Texas Grano variety onions.  They're already pretty big. 
Looking forward to harvesting them.

My grandmother's grape vine.  It began in northern Georgia, my dad saved a cutting before she died, and then he saved a cutting for me from his vine.  We moved it to North Carolina, and it's doing well in its new spot.  Another genuine heirloom plant.  Our garden is a tribute to the generations that came before us.

We planted these last spring, and this year we're getting our first blueberries!

There's so much more we could show, but that's enough for now.  We enjoyed sharing Little Farm with some of our Wake Forest neighbors this weekend.  Thanks for dropping by!  We'll let you know when the goat cheese is ready for sale!

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