Friday, April 8, 2011

Gettin' Me Some Chicks

On Tuesday I took our neighbor Jamere to practice his driving and forced him to swing by Tractor Supply to get some goat stuff. And what do you know? There were some hot chicks in there! Beautiful young ladies, oh yeah. So we picked 'em up and took them home. Here are some pics of these little hotties (under the heat lamp of course).

So we now have 6 more chickens in our little flock. These ladies (we hope they're all ladies...rumor is that one of them is a rooster) are Buff Orpingtons, which will grow up to be lovely tan colored and fat. Below is a pic of an adult. More eggs on the way! The kids in the neighborhood have loved the chicks. They've been looking at them, handling them, and learning to be kind to these small creatures that God has made. Stewardship of God's awesome creation means being gentle with these birds and caring for them, giving them food, water, heat, and a clean place to grow. Scripture says that God is aware when the smallest bird falls from its nest. How much more does He care for us? Bella is loving the chicks a ton. Several times a day she asks me to pick one up for her and let her hold it. It's just cute to see a four-year-old with baby bird. If only Justus were so gentle!

So here's our "critter count" so far: 15 Chickens 2 Goats 7 Humans (2 supposed adults and 5 hooligans) 1 Rat (He's actually not welcome, but he lives under the chicken coop. We call him Templeton...for now.)


  1. When the chicks have a little more space, it's hilarious to give them a worm and watch them play "chicken football."

  2. I love my Buff Orpington. She is top of the pecking order and keeps everyone else in line. I recommend keeping the rooster if you can ... Orpingtons make good mothers. Our Buffy gets broody anytime she sits on 3 or more eggs at a time. You'll have lots a hot chicks around all the time.

  3. Hej from Sweden,

    I really like your blog. Your Bull Orpingtons are so cute, We have 2 named Henny and Penny. They are so fluffy and sweet.